Thursday, February 14, 2013

The number 10 has been said to stand for perfection. That's why we're doing it big for our 10 year anniversary!

Throughout the month of February, A Brides Design will be holding a contest to give away one FREE wedding gown! This contest i...s open to all past, present and future brides. If you purchased your dress with us within the past 10 years, we will issue you a full REFUND! If you just made your final payment on your dress at your last fitting, we will completely REFUND it! If you have not yet found your dress, you can come into our shop to find the gown of your dreams for FREE!

Whats the catch?

• You MUST be a fan of the official A Brides Design Facebook page

• You have to SHARE this original link on your timeline

• For every share, your name will be entered into the drawing for a free gown of your choice

ANYONE can share this post and be entered into the drawing. If you win and are NOT a bride, you may donate your dress to whomever you choose. So tell your mom to share! Tell your fiancé to share! Have your best friends, cousins and co-workers share!

The drawing will be held on Friday, March 1st right here on our Facebook page. So get your fingertips fired up and share, share, SHARE!