Sunday, December 19, 2010

5 Winter Wedding Ideas We Love!

1. Warm up your wedding dress!
A winter wedding is a great time to bring out that fur jacket that your grandmother wore, but you've never had an occasion to! This "something old" will keep you warm for those snowy outdoor photos, and also add an air of vintage elegance to your wedding look!

2. Experiment with color!
Try deviating from the traditional red or green color scheme. Blues or monochromatic black and white still have a winter feel, but are more modern and unique than the red or green stand-bys. Champagne or tea-stained colors also serve as a nice warm contrast to the cold weather outside.

3. Serve winter drinks!
Coffee and tea are lovely favorites to serve with dessert, but near the holidays hot cider and cocoa make for fun and festive alternatives!

4. A natural touch!
Pinecones and twigs are often used to echo a natural wintry feel... but why not take this one step further? These beautiful feather bouquets from Emplume or a flowered muff from etsy store Birdism are unique and interesting alternatives to flowers and complement a natural winter event!

5. Accessorize your bridesmaids with warmth!
Elbow-length gloves are a great way to keep your bridesmaids warm in those formal dresses, and also add a splash of color to their ensembles. Plus, these are a great bridesmaids gift idea that can either be elegant or funky depending on your style!

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Bride's Design wins Fox 8 Hotlist 2010

Smilin' from ear to ear! We won 1st place this year in the Fox 8 Hotlist! It is an honor and I wanted to say thank you to all of the past and current clients, vendors, family and friends who voted for us! I am so thankful to have a successful business doing what I love to do. Congrats to all of the fabulous bridal shops that placed!
Photo by: Z Media

Friday, December 10, 2010

Our Fabulous Grand Opening

Our grand reopening was a huge success! We had about a 100 people walk thru our door during the course of the night. The was night was filled with the perfect mixture of people; past brides, brides, Mrs. Bowmer and her family, and our family and friends. Our most magical moment of the night was when Mrs. Bowmer said “we took her house and made it more beautiful.” That was a great feeling of accomplishment knowing that the past owners love the new look of the house. We feel very welcomed into the community of Avon and were very pleased to see the support of our local neighbors and historical society at our opening.